Di Gi Charat Other Specials


Di Gi Charat (call her Dejiko for short) and Petit Charat (the cute little charat) come down to Earth, where they want to be idols, or something like that. Rabi~en~Rose (a random girl with bunny ears) decides they`re in her way of becoming an idol herself. They all end up working at Gamers, where various otaku, children, and humanoid fingers walk in and act like morons Contains: • Fantasy Opening • Gema no Sumika • Deshou Engeki Dan (ii ne!) • C.C.G Illustration Gallery • Dejiko. Puchiko. Usada Music clip • Gema Gema 4-Panel Digital Comic • Partynight - Live In Concert (Source: AniDB)

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Anime Status:   Special,     Start Date:   January 2001,     Finished Airing :   January 2002,   7 episodes.   7 minutes.

Genre:   Comedy