Hana Yori Dango


Makino Tsukushi: a girl who comes from a poor family just wants to get through her 2 last years at Eitoku Gakuen, quietly. But once she makes herself known by standing up for her friend to the F4, the 4 most popular, powerful and rich boys at the school. She gets the red card: F4's way of a "Declaration of War". But when she doesn't let herself be beaten by them and is starting to fall for one of the F4; Hanazawa Rui. She starts to see that there is more than meets the eye... (Source: ANN)

Community Score:   3.73 out of 5    

Anime Status:   TV,     Start Date:   September 1996,     Finished Airing :   August 1997,   51 episodes.  

Genre:   Drama     Romance     School