Ichigo 100% OVA


Further continuation from the Ichigo 100% TV series. Four episodes in length, comprised mostly of side-story elements such as a Spring Festival featuring Cosplay, Junpei's adventure to return a notebook to Yui's friend who atteneds the All-Girl Oumi Academy, summer work at Sawayaka to help cover production costs and last, but not least.. the Strawberry 'Pantsu' Invaders. This OVA features two new characters. (Note: Best if viewed after the Jump Festa 2004 OVA, or in other words.. "last", but could be substituted and watched prior to the Jump Festa OVA.)

Community Score:   3.38 out of 5    

Anime Status:   OVA,     Start Date:   June 2005,     Finished Airing :   October 2005,   4 episodes.   29 minutes.

Genre:   Comedy     Ecchi     Harem     Romance     School