Kakugo no Susume


A series of natural disasters has reduced the world to rubble, with the survivors doing whatever they must to survive in a world gone mad. But one young boy, Kakugo, gifted with amazing martial arts and a superpowerful suit of armor by his late father, has been charged with making the world (or at least his school) a safer place. But his sister has a matching set of skills and equipment, and she`s on a mission to bring peace to the world... by wiping out humanity! (Source: AnimeNfo)

Community Score:   2.28 out of 5    

Anime Status:   OVA,     Start Date:   October 1996,     Finished Airing :   December 1996,   2 episodes.   38 minutes.

Genre:   Action     Demons     Ecchi     Horror     Mecha     Sci-Fi     Super Power