Macross Zero


Taking place one year before the Zentraedi arrive on Earth, Macross Zero chronicles the final days of the war between the U.N. Spacy and anti-U.N. factions. After being shot down by the anti-U.N.'s newest fighter plane, ace pilot Shin Kudo finds himself on the remote island of Mayan, where technology is almost non-existent. While Shin stays on the island to heal his wounds, the tranqulity of the island is shattered by a battle that involves the UN's newest fighter - the VF-0. (Source: ANN)

Community Score:   3.77 out of 5    

Anime Status:   OVA,     Start Date:   December 2002,     Finished Airing :   October 2004,   5 episodes.   30 minutes.

Genre:   Adventure     Mecha     Military     Sci-Fi