Oh! Super Milk-Chan


Milk-chan is a drooling, potty-mouthed baby who lives in an apartment with an obsolete robot named Tetsuko, a slug named Hanage, and an uncontrollable pet named Robodog. Whenever the President calls, Milk-chan and the gang rush to the scene to solve any type of problem - whether it's stopping a money counterfeiter hungry for Belgian waffles or counselling a school of drunk fish. At the same time, they have to avoid a nagging landlord, as they're six months behind their rent. (Source: ANN)

Community Score:   3.07 out of 5    

Anime Status:   TV,     Start Date:   January 2000,     Finished Airing :   April 2000,   12 episodes.  

Genre:   Action     Comedy     Parody     Sci-Fi