Otaku no Video


Somewhat based on the real story of how Gainax was founded, Otaku no Video addresses all aspects of an otaku lifestyle. Ken Kubo is a young man living an average life until he is dragged into a group of otaku. Slowly, he becomes more like them until he decides to abandon his former life to become king of otaku —the otaking! Mixed in are live-action interviews with real otaku, addressing every aspect of hardcore otaku life. Not only are anime and manga fans included, but also sci-fi fans, military fans, and other groups of Japanese geeks.

Community Score:   3.56 out of 5    

Anime Status:   OVA,     Start Date:   September 1991,     Finished Airing :   December 1991,   2 episodes.   48 minutes.

Genre:   Comedy     Drama     Historical     Magic     Mecha     Sci-Fi