Ranma ½ Special


"Reawakening Memories" deals with Akane suddenly remembering a trip to Ryugenzawa when she was a small child. While there she was saved from a giant platypus by Shinnosuke. Akane travels back to Ryogenzawa and once again meets Shinnosuke, who falls in love with her. Akane blames herself for Shinnosuke`s life-threatening injuries, and decides to stay and help out. This irritates Ranma, who thinks that Akane has fallen in love with Shinnosuke, and will do what it takes to get her back.

Community Score:   3.84 out of 5    

Anime Status:   OVA,     Start Date:   December 1994,     Finished Airing :   February 1995,   2 episodes.   30 minutes.

Genre:   Adventure     Comedy     Romance